A New Threat Arises ~ Critics of Property Tax Relief Look to Unravel CA Proposition 58 with (2020) Prop 19

A Threat to Proposition 58, Parent to Child Exclusion, Arises If they were keeping both eyes open, most property owners in California were looking, tentatively, for signs on the horizon of any new threat to the popular property tax break … Continue reading

California Proposition 58: Combating false claims that Prop 58 causes home sale shortages – benefiting wealthy homeowners

After 24 years, CA Proposition 58 still makes it possible for new property owners to avoid property tax increases when inheriting property from their parents. Or vice versa. And of course, as we just indicted, new homeowner’s pay taxes that … Continue reading

CA Proposition 13 & Prop 58 Popularity Vastly Outweighs the Critics

Another feature of Proposition 13 that is popular with Californians is the fact that all state taxes – and that includes real estate taxes of course – must be approved by a majority of two-thirds (2/3) of the state legislature; … Continue reading

Part Four: As Attacks on Proposition 13 & Proposition 58 Falter and Weaken, Critics Continue On – Despite Growing Popular Support for Property Tax Relief

Even as property tax transfer increases in popularity, and Californians continue to take advantage of Proposition 13 and Proposition 58, for residential and commercial property tax relief, critics of these property  tax shelters continue to be rabidly, and in many … Continue reading

Part Two: Your Source for Timely, Accurate News and Info on Trusts & Estates, for California Proposition 13 & Proposition 58

Let’s take a quick look at the actual state tax data in the great state of California…  Overall revenue going to local government entities from property taxes throughout California was nearly $5.0 billion in 1978 to 1979… and by 2010 … Continue reading

Part Six: Why California Proposition 13 and Proposition 58 Important to Californians with Different Incomes, Backgrounds and Property Values

Everyone would like life to be forever smooth sailing… Especially in California, where the sun is typically shining most of the time, with most Californians looking to be positive and to have something to smile about every day.  However… life … Continue reading

Part Three: Why is Proposition 13 & Prop 58, Avoiding Property Tax Reassessment & Property Tax Transfer Relief, Attractive to so Many Californians?

There was so much instability within the real estate tax system in California before Proposition 13 and Proposition 58, that it had become downright dangerous and unhealthy – with severe anxiety spreading throughout the state, with home owners worrying constantly … Continue reading

Part One: CA Proposition 13, 58 & 193 – Critics and Benefits; with Guest Real Estate Exec Devin R. Lucas

Our California property tax relief Blog had the privilege of interviewing well known realtor  Mr. Devin R. Lucas, CEO of Lucas Real Estate,  in Newport Beach,  California, on March 13, 2020. Mr. Lucas is a seasoned real estate professional who … Continue reading

PART THREE: As Attacks on Proposition 13 And Prop 58 Weaken, Critics Continue on with Split-Roll Tax Effort – Featuring Jon Coupal, CEO, Taxpayer’s Association

The realtors that Taxpayers Association CEO Jon Coupal mentioned in Part One of this article, committed critics of Proposition 13, enabling home owners to avoid property tax reassessment, and Proposition 58, enabling property tax transfer and parent to child transfer … Continue reading

Part Two: Why are Proposition 13 & Prop 58 Critical to Californians?

Before Proposition 13 was passed by voters on June 6, 1978, average tax rates in California were close to 3% of market value, without any guardrails as far as property tax or property value assessments were concerned.  This is why … Continue reading