Part Two: Propositions 58, 13 & 193 – Critics and Benefits – with Guest Real Estate Exec Devin R. Lucas

Conversation with Mr. Devin Lucas continues, from Page One… Property Tax Transfer: Mr. Lucas, what is your opinion of Prop 13 critics, and we assume opponents of Proposition 58 as well, who continue to tell the media that the so-called … Continue reading

Your Source for Timely, Accurate News and Information on Trusts & Estates, for California Proposition 13 and Prop 58

Most Californians favor Proposition 13 & 58. And it’s worth pointing out that California Proposition 13, also called The People’s Initiative to Limit Property Taxation, voted into law as an amendment of the Constitution of California – is, after 42 … Continue reading

Dramatic Savings for Californians, with a Positive Affect on Personal Net Worth, Family Bonding and Peace of Mind

Not to over indulge in generalizations, however when you consider the Proposition 58 tax break, or Proposition 58 property transfer tax relief, in simple human terms, you can clearly see how this type of tax relief allows concerned middle class … Continue reading

PART TWO: California Proposition 58 and Loans to Trusts ~ Featuring Noted Trust Loan Expert Tanis Alonso from Commercial Loan Corp.

Our Interview with noted Commercial Loan Corp. Trust Loan and Proposition 58 specialist Tanis Alonso continues… Property Tax Transfer:  Tanis, let me ask you…  Beneficiaries that call your company, desperate to keep parents property taxes;  for any solution to their … Continue reading

PART ONE: California Proposition 58 and Loans to Trusts – Featuring Noted Trust Loan Expert Tanis Alonso from Commercial Loan Corp.

We sat in with noted Proposition 58, trust loan expert – Tanis Alonso, at Commercial Loan Corporation in Southern California.  Tanis has a uniquely profound, global understanding of the entire trust loan process; and applies a very human, not simply … Continue reading

Part Five: California Proposition 58, How to avoid property tax reassessment on an inherited home.

Bringing us up into the present, critics such as Assemblyman  David Chiu, of the San Francisco Assembly’s housing committee, continue to ignore how wildly popular avoiding property tax reassessment is in California… and  they are still repeating the same litany … Continue reading

PART TWO: Are Trusts, Trust Loans and California Property Tax Breaks Strictly for the Rich?

CA Proposition 58, Loans to Trusts and Property Tax Breaks Beneficiaries in every state in America should have property tax measures like California does, and be able to use trust loans & Proposition 58 to equalize property shares sold by … Continue reading

Proposition 13 & 58 Tax Relief Still Popular with Californians, Despite Critics

Is Proposition 13 & 58 in demand despite critics… Without hesitation, the answer is yes. On June 6, 1978, 42 years ago, California voters passed Proposition 13 with 65% of the total vote. And to this day, interestingly enough, 65% … Continue reading

PART ONE: Trusts, Intra-Family Loans & Property Tax Benefits in California

Many beneficiaries in California who are inheriting property, and seriously considering trust loans with Proposition 58 to nail down a low California Proposition 13 property tax base… working in conjunction with Prop 58 (property transfer from parents) or Proposition 193 … Continue reading

Part Three: As Attacks on Proposition 13 And Prop 58 Weaken, Critics Continue on with Split-Roll Tax Effort – Featuring Jon Coupal, CEO, Taxpayer’s Association

Our discussion with Taxpayers Association CEO Jon Coupal continues, focusing on the 1978 California Proposition 13 tax relief benefits for home owners and commercial property owners – and critics of real property tax relief throughout  the state, whose efforts to … Continue reading