Part One: CA Proposition 13, 58 & 193 – Critics and Benefits; with Guest Real Estate Exec Devin R. Lucas

Our California property tax relief Blog had the privilege of interviewing well known realtor  Mr. Devin R. Lucas, CEO of Lucas Real Estate,  in Newport Beach,  California, on March 13, 2020. Mr. Lucas is a seasoned real estate professional who … Continue reading

Part Five: Why is Proposition 13 so Important to so Many Californians with Different Incomes & Property Values?

It was a decisive majority that voted in California Proposition 13 on June 6, 1978. The joy and relief sweeping through the state, they say, was palpable. You could cut it with a knife. The anxiety over property tax instability … Continue reading

Part Two: Propositions 58, 13 & 193 – Critics and Benefits – with Guest Real Estate Exec Devin R. Lucas

Conversation with Mr. Devin Lucas continues, from Page One… Property Tax Transfer: Mr. Lucas, what is your opinion of Prop 13 critics, and we assume opponents of Proposition 58 as well, who continue to tell the media that the so-called … Continue reading

PART TWO: Interview With Michael Wyatt, CEO of Michael Wyatt Consulting Property Tax Advisory Firm

Our in-depth interview with CEO Michael Wyatt of the Michael  Wyatt Consulting Firm in Corona, CA continues… Property Tax Transfer: Are there other essential benefits to using trust loans, with special Proposition 58 benefits? Michael Wyatt: Well…  going back to … Continue reading

PART TWO: Coronavirus Crisis is the Last Thing the California Real Estate Market Needed!

As the Coronavirus crisis worsens and deepens month after month, and the death toll rises, crunching up the economy in every state, like a giant invisible lawn mower, paralyzing the real estate market, and shredding other businesses, throughout California and … Continue reading